Retirement Credit Purchase: Adjust Your Budget


You are young retirees or for a few years only and you see well that your ends of the month are difficult. You have heard about credit redemption by your banker or in the media. You have personal loans and revolving credits. Retirement credit can provide you with a solution to clean up your finances and get back on track.

How to properly prepare your buyback for retirees?

How to properly prepare your buyback for retirees?

As a first step, you have to take stock of all your loans, consumer loans and loans. You add up all the monthly payments that you pay each month, so you will get the first elements to make a simulation of credit redemption.

Then, you must detail all of your current monthly expenses, namely electricity bills, water, insurance, telephones, mutual health, income tax, housing tax , of property tax … On the total of your pensions, you will remove the monthly payments of the credits, the monthly current expenses and you obtain your available budget for the food and the leisures.

If you feel that this available budget is too low, the credit consolidation will be a solution to reduce your debt and increase this available budget.

Will your retirement loan buy-back be accepted?

Will your retirement loan buy-back be accepted?

Credits for seniors have one disadvantage: borrower insurance. Indeed, the older your age, the higher the creditor insurance. It is to know that the borrower insurance is optional (but very often recommended without being obligatory). With a mortgage guarantee, we can go up to your 95 years maximum. For, it is rare to exceed 85 years at the end of the loan. Your retiree credit buyback record will be seen as a whole: your pensions, your credits and how you spend. The number of tax debits on your last 3 months of account statements will also be decisive.

The repurchase of credit for retiree is accepted only for the owners?

The repurchase of credit for retiree is accepted only for the owners?

No, credit redemption organizations offer credit redemption and tenant lending solutions. But, the end of loan age will be 83 years maximum. The principle of the purchase of consumer credit is to collect credits conso to reduce the monthly payments and have only one loan that you are owner or tenant. To find a repurchase of cheap credit, it is necessary to compare the borrowing rate and the APR of the repurchase among the fixed rates only.


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